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Sophomore. Writer. Bi. INTP. Hufflepuff. Avid roleplayer and Aspiring expatriate. Not much chill.

Master of angst, irony, and sarcasm. Hopeless stan of Amy Pond, Castiel, and Alison Hendrix. AmyxEleven bought my soul off ebay so it's literally not my fault.

Basically Anna from Frozen. Might actually go insane waiting for Grimm's fourth season.

No-hate blogger, but I don't put up with asshats. I like what I like; respect that and me, and I'll respect you. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

This blog is multifandom. Some of those fandoms include but are not limited to Supernatural, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, In The Flesh, Orphan Black, AHS, Grimm, and New Girl



AHS: Freak Show
supernatural (s10)
new girl (s4)
doctor who (s8 - behind)
the walking dead (s5)

Bones (season 1)

Next on deck- Once Upon A Time, Shameless, Summer Heights High, Ja'mie: Private School Girl

Starting soon- htgawm


New Girl (past seasons)


No books rn
RP stuff


Rp replies that would make therapists question me



Lizzie | Marissa | Sabrina | Rebecca

RP Family

Aaron | Ari | Ash | Di | Ery | Kat | Kim | Maddy | Meg | Nance | Ryan

Actual Family

Kelly | Kristie


10/10-11: hella theme change

9/20: Done with Grimm, but also d o ne ya feel?

8/27: GTKM meme is on hold bc i can't decide on favorites ug h

8/20: I'm a florist now. Florists are cool.

8/1: About to start GTKM meme

As of 7/20, my rp otp is trying to kill me.


The Crossover Games

Amy | Alana (NPC for now)

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